Community Action Group

Development of the Good Shepherd Site

This web site is dedicated to providing information to local residents about proposed developments of the Good Shepherd Convent area.

We hear that the Good Shepherd Convent area has been taken off the market as no buyer, even with the extraordinary planning permission by An Bord Pleanāla attached, could be found.

The area is on the Derelict Sites Register with Cork City Council since February 2019, and this incurs a fee of 7% of the site value to the owners every year. The value is currently listed at 1.8 million Euro.

We, the committee of the Community Action Group, are pledged to monitor the way in which any development is proposed and to take immediate legal action to protect the community that elected us to represent them. Collectively, we acknowledge the support of the community.

Although we did have a mailing list of interested parties, since there is no longer any obvious need for sending updates, this list has been securely destroyed. If you want to stay in touch, click on the 'Contact us' button below.